Boston MA

Massachusetts and Boston, in particular, is an extremely popular location for film production. With over 352 cities and towns, filmmakers are often drawn to Massachusetts for its vast array of extraordinary locations. From quaint country towns to ultra-modern cities, seaside beaches, to wooded mountains and ever period from the 1600’s to the present, Massachusetts is the perfect place to film almost any production.

It is no surprise that Massachusetts has been home to hundreds of featured films both studio independent, commercials, and televised productions. No matter what town you plan on filming throughout Massachusetts MA there are special requirements for insurance. Arts & Entertainment insurance brokerage provides a wide range of insurance programs for all of your filming needs. One of most common packages in MA is the special production package. Our special production insurance package is designed for single films, television specials and televisions series' that are being shot in 18 months or less. Coverage includes rental equipment, owned equipment, props, sets, wardrobe, third party property damage, general liability and more.

With Boston being located right on the harbor another proper film insurance that is required is Movie Boat insurance. Arts & Entertainment Insurance provides full-service Movie Boat insurance. The Movie Boat marine property and liability insurance program that provides coverage for filming boats, barges, platforms, marinas, docks, wharves and piers. Whatever your filming plans are in Boston MA, Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage has got you covered. Contact us today to find out more about the many different insurance packages we offer throughout Boston and Massachusetts.