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Film Schools

The Film Schools Insurance Program provides declared students Production Insurance for Film School approved Student Film Production.  This annual policy provides the same in-depth Production Insurance Packages available in our Short Term Production Insurance and annual DICE Production Insurance policies.


Inland Marine

General Liability


Excess Liability

Coverage Definitions

Inland Marine

Miscellaneous Equipment – Coverage for Owned and/or Rented Camera, Light and Grip   equipment.

Rented Props, Sets and Wardrobe – Coverage for Rented Props, Sets and Wardrobe.

Negative Film, Tape or Digitalized Image – Protection for loss or damage to the Negative, Tape or Digitalized Image.

Faulty Stock, Camera and Processing – Covers the loss or damage to raw film stock, tape or soundtrack by faulty processing or faulty developing.

Third Party Property Damage – Property in the care, custody and control of the Production that is destroyed or damaged.

Extra Expense – Covers the Production if a location is destroyed or damaged and the shoot has to be moved with time and money being lost.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability – Protects the public from the negligence of the Production Company.


Non-owned/Hired Automobile Liability – Protects the public from the negligence of the Production Company if the Production Company causes injury or property damage while driving a rented, loaned or borrowed vehicle.

Non-owned/Hired Automobile Physical Damage – Protects the owner of a rented, loaned or borrowed vehicle for damage to the vehicle caused by the Production Company.

Eligible Productions